The Divine Feminine Inside the Menopause - How To Heal Your Way Through it with 3 Elements of Health

Here in the western world the minute we hear the word Menopause many of us younger women panic at the thoughts of hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and weight gain. Yet in the eastern world menopause is seen as a transition from mother to becoming an enlightened and wise-being.

What exactly is the Menopause? It's a time when a woman stops ovulation, therefore is no longer able to conceive a child. This can last a few months or several years. A woman is born with a set number of eggs (approximately 2 million), once these have been used up menopause has begun.

The 3 distinct phases of the menopause;

  1. Pre-menopause - periods are still regular but the first symptoms such as hot flushes and mood changes may appear.

  2. Peri-menopause - the functions of the ovaries begins to decline, periods become irregular & symptoms such as night sweats and loss of libido may be more severe.

  3. Post-menopause - this stage is from the last period onwards.

Menopause is not an illness. Women in many cultures do not experience the menopause as a crisis demanding medical intervention. Here in the West we tend to see the menopause as a time of loss, with the inability to no longer create life. Yet in 3 Elements of Healing I like to help women recognise the positive changes that occur and work with those to create a life of balance and wellness.

In Chinese medicine menopause occurs when the woman's body begins to preserve blood & energy to sustain her vitality, and allows for maximum nourishment of her body, especially her kidneys. In Chinese Medicine the Kidneys are the root of Life and longevity. Interestingly once the ovaries reduce their production of oestrogen, mother nature produces a form of oestrogen (Oestrone) from our adrenal glands. This is why in 3 Elements of Healing Kidney energy is worked with on each individual woman going through her very own, unique menopause journey.

How can 3 Elements of Healing help?

Let's look at the first Element - ACUPRESSURE.

Evidence suggests that Acupuncture has been used to help women's health as early as 3AD.

Now studies including this one published in the British Medical Journal Open (see below) look at the benefits of acupuncture and the menopause. This Danish study found after 5 weeks of acupuncture 80 % of the women with menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances and emotional problems, reported that the acupuncture helped relieve their symptoms.

In 3 elements of Healing we use acupressure instead of acupuncture. The difference being pressure is applied to the chosen acu-point instead of a needle inserted. A crystal Acu-Wand is used to apply the pressure to each point.