The Totally Unique Toddler to Teen Healing System Delivered to Your Door. The Power Is In Your Hands

I have had the pleasure of treating children in The Clonmel Acupuncture & Therapy Centre for 15 years. In that time they have taught me so much invaluable knowledge.

Children under the age of 7 have a very open intuition. Seeing and feeling much more than we realise. How many of you have followed your babies gaze as they appear to be smiling at nothing?! This is a time when they are naturally drawn to touch, smell and keep all things sparkly. Crystals are usually a big hit and over the years I have given away many crystals in the Clinic because a child has fallen in love with its magic, colour and energy.

I AM ONE OF A KIND Package is a healing system carried out by you, under the guidance of me the therapist in the comfort of your own home. Children feel much more comfortable in this environment. They generally love roller bottles, all ages enjoy the fact they have their very own special blend of essential oils and crystals.

What’s in this blend?

Whilst each synergy blend is hand made to order, if I feel the need to change the mix I will. Predominately the 3 essential oils I use are:

Lavender Oil ( Lavandula Angustifloria)

Lavender helps the circadian rhythm keep balanced. The circadian rhythm is a 24 hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain, and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. Your sleep/wake cycle. At different stages of a child's development this cycle is thrown out of balance. Teething is usually the first. I also find when the adult back teeth start to develop this brings a new wave of anxiety at around 6-7 years of age. Hormonal changes from 8 years all the way through to teenage years have an impact on this cycle.

Lavender Oil helps to keep this balanced. When the oil is inhaled, the scent molecules in the essential oil travel from the olfactory nerves (nose) directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain.

In my clinical practise sleep is usually one of the most common issues. As sleep is paramount to good health and vitality in children, using an oil to aid sleep is absolutely essential for all ages 0-18 years.

Lavender oil has so many other benefits for children. Its strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal uses also help to boost immunity.

On a spiritual level Lavender oil works very closely with the crown chakra. This chakra is located at the top of the child's head. During early childhood all the energy centres are developing, growing and also opening. Lavender oil places a protective energy around the crown chakra. It connects to the energy of the crystal amethyst, used in the blend. This helps each individual child to grow within their own time, allowing their etheric connection to their parents to deepen. Our children are far more awake spiritually than we are.

This blend allows the energy of Ascended Master Saint Germain and the violet flame, the flame of freedom, into the child's aura. I believe in this way children can grow physically, emotionally and spiritually with much greater ease.

The second oil used is Bergamot. Bergamot Oil carries a beautiful, uplifting scent. This helps gently lift a child's mood. One of my favorite essential oils for creating a calm aura. I use this oil in very small doses for younger children and increase through the teenage years. I have found this oil has a very emotionally uplifting effect, physically I find it beneficial for respiratory and digestive issues. Fussy eaters respond well to this oil.

Bergamot oil connects to the colour green and yellow. For children it helps gently open and protect their heart and solar plexus chakras. The Ascended Master Hilarion connects with Bergamot Oil. For children this helps them develop gently. The world can seem overwhelming for many children, and Hilarion gently cleanses and recharges their energy.

I have found this particularly beneficial when working with children on the autism spectrum. This energy really resonates with many of the children that I have worked with over the years. It allows their hearts to open gently, safely and learn to trust and to love themselves and others on a deeper level.

The third oil is Vetiver. This is a dense, thick, heady oil. I adore the smell. This oil is particularly grounding for children. It really helps switch the mind off from excessive intellectual activity. Perfect to use after a long period of study. I use this oil on children with separation anxiety and during times of emotional upheaval. Whilst lavender calms the mind, vetiver calms the muscles and body.

On a spiritual level vetiver oil grounds and protects children allowing them to connect with their earth star. This chakra is located about 12 inches below their feet. I am very passionate that in order for our children to live in happiness going forward this chakra must be developed and protected. The whole existence of humanity is dependent on the interconnectivity of nature itself. The Earth Star is the energetic link we all have to Mother Earth (Gaia).

This really helps our children to connect in a positive, deeper way to their outside environment, nature as well as other people. Helping them develop heartfelt connections.

The crystals used in I AM ONE OF A KIND are Amethyst, as mentioned earlier, great for overactive minds and sleep. Sodalite allows freedom to express themselves to others. Smokey Quartz is a powerful anti-anxiety crystal for both children and adults. The three crystals in the synergy blend help to create an energetic cocoon when placed on the body. Particularly useful at bedtime or at times when they need to unwind and feel calm.

Children naturally love acupressure. As there are no needles involved, this treatment does not come with a feeling of anxiety. With I AM ONE OF A KIND each child is seen as an individual and using Zoom we establish what your child needs help with at this time.

Acupressure is an ancient healing system that re-balances the energetic flow of the body. When Qi (energy) is blocked dis-ease occurs. In children this is often presented in digestive issues ie constipation, tonsillitis, eczema, asthma, insomnia, repeat viral infections, as well as many other emotional issues.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Kidneys store Essence and govern birth, growth, reproduction and development.

The ability to grow physically, develop mentally, reach sexual maturation and eventually produce his or her own offspring is largely determined by the nature of the Kidney Essence.

Kidney Essence plays an especially important role in the 1st year of a child's life, when the growth rate is phenomenal.

Kidney Essence also controls the phases of heightened growth and development that happens in cycles of 7 years for girls and 8 years for boys. During this transition from one cycle to the next strong robust Kidney Essence fuels the changes, and ensures the child remains healthy whilst this flux in growth occurs.

So you can see why in TCM Kidney Essence is fundamental to the entire health and development of a child.

When the acupressure points are stimulated by the Acu-Wand energy is kept in balance. I find children respond very well to the little and often approach. Using breath work alongside the acupressure stimulation is very relaxing, but also fun. This is a great time for one to one connection for parents and child. It can help strengthen the bond and also help clear away any negative attachments. When guiding teenagers I encourage them to treat themselves and find this really works well.

In summary I AM ONE OF A KIND system is a totally unique way of treating children from toddlers to teeangers. Through the combination of the 3 Elements Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Crystals this system offers the power to heal in a gentle, yet very powerful way. I believe this system works and supports children on all levels. There has never a better time for this system to be born than in 2020.

Katie Murphy Lic Ac TCMCI

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