What are the 3 Elements of Healing? Why is this healing perfect for this new way of living in 2020?

Lets begin with the number 3 - The angel number of 3 has the energy of kindness, joy, creativity and imagination. It represents inspiration, creation, manifestation and growth.

It symbolizes the interconnectedness of your body, mind and spirit, and is carefully aligned with the divine energy.

The triangle for the 3 elements represents strength from inside and above, symbolizes the body-mind-spirit connection again.

The first Element of this healing system is Aromatherapy. This originated in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians cultivated plants for their oils. Aromatic essence and resins were also used in the embalming process. They knew these oils were very precious and held them in high regard.

I believe essential oils are one of nature's most powerful forms of healing. These oils are extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves and trees. These concentrated liquids are indispensable to medicine. There are hundreds of essential oils that can be used in aromatherapy. Between them these oils constitute an extremely effective medical system. Many of these are the active ingredient in drugs prescribed by western medicine, or inspired by chemical copies. The food and cosmetic industries have used them for their taste and aroma for years.

Each single oil is used for many incredible purposes. Peppermint oil for example is an active anti-inflammatory used to treat rheumatism and arthritis, it is also prescribed by doctors for the relief of discomfort in digestive issues, used under the name of Colpermin.

Once you are introduced to the wonderful world of aromatherapy you discover the oils can not only work on cellular, physical levels but in the emotional, intellectual and spiritual areas of our lives.

Their gentle roll on application allows absorption through the skin on specific areas of the body where the individual needs it the most. The inhalation of their aroma envelops you into a deeper level of healing.

Essential oils are one of the great untapped resources of the world. Here we have a system of natural help that is far more than a system of medicine, that can help prevent illness and alleviate symptoms. Mother Nature has given us these precious essential oils and 3 Elements of Healing brings their incredible healing benefits to you now in 2020 when without a doubt we need them the most. We are starting to wake up and embrace a more natural way of being, of living in harmony with our outside world, stepping away from chemicals and all that comes with them.

The second Element of this healing system is Acupressure. This is simply a traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork treatment. It's based on the same principles of Acupuncture, working on the body's meridians (energy pathways) and applying pressure to acupoints instead of a needle. In 3 Elements we use our crystal acu-wand rather than a thumb or finger.

Acupressure is carried out on specific acupoints along the body. 3 Elements Zoom Consultation allows me to select the best acupressure points for you at this time. This is your key to literally let your own body begin to heal itself. In many cases with much more ease than you could ever imagine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we believe disease is caused by disruption to the flow of energy or qi in the body. Acupressure stimulates points on the skin releasing the blocked qi, allowing free flow of energy (qi) and blood, this brings the body, mind and spirit back into perfect equilibrium - Yin and Yang.

Each person is unique, each symptom or illness. Here through our Zoom 1 to 1 acupressure session we work on what your body needs to get it back into balance, sometimes for the very first time.

Pain is a response from the body, a red flag, a call for help. 3 elements work with this call and through traditional chinese medicine diagnosis