Amethyst Chevron Acu-Wand

Amethyst Chevron Acu-Wand

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Amethyst Chevron Acu-Wand works on all meridians in the body.

Beneficial for Physical, Emotional & Psychological pain.

Works strongly on the Crown Chakra aiding meditation and a sense of calm whenever it is placed on the body.

This Acu-Wand is particulary useful for those experiencing headaches, insomnia or night terrors.

Balances emotional highs and lows, aiding protection on all levels.


This power house of energy comes in it's own handmade, 100% velvet cotton charging pouch. This allows the healing energy of this acu-wand to recharge between uses, also keeping it safe. Allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go.

  • Caring for your Acu-Wand

    Please be aware that these crystals are fragile and may break if dropped. These are powerful tools and must be kept safe between uses. Can be placed by your bed side, on top of the charging pouch, or tucked into its own pouch.

    Sometimes it's great to place on the window sill during a full moon. When using with essential oil blends, gently wash the wand with salt water.