Baby Blend - New Born to Toddler Acu-Wand Package

Baby Blend - New Born to Toddler Acu-Wand Package

As a mother of two young children this blend has been of huge interest to me for the last 8 years. 

I have created a powerful yet safe blend of key Essential Oils and have added Amber a natural resin that has been used for centuries to aid teething and give support to its user.

I feel very passionately about this product and have found the combination of Amber and Essential Oils is very effective for Digestive issues, including colic, night terrors, and teething.

Essential Oils used;

Roman Chamomile - one of the gentlest oils and perfect for new born babies and toddlers alike. It has a very calming effect on the skin and in particular for pain with teething, including ear ache. Chamomile aids sleep also.

Dill Oil - is a calming, antispasmodic oil perfect to ease colic symptoms. A digestive aid it helps with trapped wind, an constipation.

Amber - is a protective stone for children and babies, and is said to increase the bodies own essential strength and vitality. It is also prized for energically reducing teething pain. 

This package includes

  • Hand blended Synergy Blend of the highest quality Essential oils & crystals created in a handy glass roll-on bottle
  • One Crystal Acu-Wand
  • Once you have received these in the Post we arrange a Zoom Session (20-30 mins) with Katie Murphy Lic Ac guiding you through an incredibly simple, yet powerful acupressure massage which you and your partner can safely carry out on your baby. This is supported by the Synergy Oil Blend.

We will have a follow up Email to check in with how you and your baby is getting on.

  • How to use this product

    Patch test on the wrist 24 hours before using on the face.

    For colic symptoms roll a small amount around the belly button in a clockwise direction.

    to aid sleep roll onto the pulse points on the wrists and bottom of the feet.

    teething - roll onto the jaw line morning and evening



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