I AM FERTILE Acu-Wand & 2 Synergy Blends Package

I AM FERTILE Acu-Wand & 2 Synergy Blends Package

This is a totally unique tailor-made treatment that is delivered to your door. You are given a tool-box in which you will be guided by me Katie Murphy Lic Ac to re-balance your body, mind and spirit and help yourself to become the fertile woman you deserve to be.

We will start with a One to One Zoom session (20-30 mins) where we can chat about your fertilty journey so far. I will send you your unique Crystal Acu-Wand as well as I am Fertile Blend plus I Trust My Body Blend

I have spent 16 years helping couples to conceive in my Clinic. This blend is used in the first 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle. Its powerful blend of essential oils and crystals really help regulate the cycle, promote blood flow to the uterus and balance hormones. I recommend switching to the I TRUST MY BODY BLEND for the 2nd phase of the menstrual cycle known as the luteal phase.

This blend complements IVF cycles and can be used in the Stimulation Phase of IVF. 

After 3 cycles women should see more positive fertile signs such as increased cervcal mucus, regular cycles, less pain during menstruation and less PMS symptoms.

Essential Oils Used in I am Fertile Blend - 

Clary Sage - Aphrodisiac oil helpful for couples who have been trying to conceive and finding the emotional strain has led to a negative impact on their sex drive. Great for irregular cycles, and eases pre menstrual symptoms. Aids a peaceful nights sleep. I find this oil invaluable for unexplained fertility issues.

Bergamot oil - Uplifting on every level. On a spiritual level this oil aligns us with the quality of purity, helps transmute negative thought processes such as " I'm never going to get pregnant". Helps to protect from negative energy from others.

Ylang-Ylang - can help with anxiety, depression and a feeling of despair. A natural aphrodisiac. 

Fennel - Eases mid cycle cramps, helps with bloating and fluid retention. It has been used for thousands of years for its positive impact of the female reproductive system. Especially helpful for painful periods.

Crystal selected - Carnelian - Powerful helps to energetically rebalance the Root and Base Chakras both need to be balanced for optimum fertility. 

I Trust My Body Blend

Having spent over 15 years specialising in Fertility Acupuncture I have found this blend of Essential Oils and Rose Quartz Crystal to really help keep the mind positive and the body balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Bergamot - Uplifting in everyway. Releases negative emotions. 

Orange - Helps to ease Insomnia caused by over-thinking or anxiety.

Frankincense Oil - True Frankincense oil is a really indulgent, precious and I believe can be incredibly powerful essential oil. I love using this oil to bring back balance in the pelvic area of the body. It calms the mind and also helps relieve pre menstual symptoms including headaches. On a spiritual level it aids meditation, induces spiritual awareness, helps us to release and let go of the past and move on.

Chamomile - helps to ease into a good nights sleep. Has strong anti-inflammatory effect on muscles and has been shown to help reduce cysts. 

When you receive both the Acu-Wand and 2 oil synergy blends we will do your next Zoom session.

This one is really fun and I encourage your partner to come on board and learn the acupressure points needed to help your body and his too.

So what do you receive with this Package?

  • Zoom Consult with Katie Murphy Lic Ac (20-30 mins)
  • 2 Synergy Blends using the highest quality Essential Oils created in a handy roll-on bottle
  • 1 Crystal Acu-Wand chosen just for you
  • Zoom Pro-active Acupressure Session with Katie Murphy Lic Ac (20-30 mins)
  • Follow up email/support
  • More Zoom Acupressure Sessions are available at additional fees
  • How to Apply this Product

    Start on Day 1 of the cycle. Roll onto the lower abdomen from just above the pelvic bone on either side. Am and Pm 

    Roll onto the base of the feet before bedtime. 

    Stop using after ovulation has taken place. If you are no sure ie your cycle is irregular stop after day 20

  • Important Information!

    Once you have decided that this is the perfect Fertility package for you simply pop it in the cart and pay. Next head to the Online Booking section and chose the date and time for your Zoom One to One Consultation with Katie Murphy Lic Ac.



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