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Gaia Mother Earth Connection Crystal Set

Gaia Mother Earth Connection Crystal Set

Welcome to this beautiful Gaia Mother Earth Connection


You are a strong, loving individual who is divinely connected to Mother Earth. When we connect with nature, the ocean & the stars above we are reminded that we are one with all that is.


This Crystal set has been created on the Winter Solstice 2020

Clear Quartz, the master healer. Brings in the light from above, opens up your stellar gateaway. These crystals have been activated at Carey's Castle, Clonmel. A magical place deeply connected to the Elemental Kingdom. (Place centre of forehead breathe into it's magic)

Chrysoprase brings deep heart healing. Allows the walls we place around the emotional heart to come down gently. This green crystal has a strong elemental link to nature, the forests and magic. Place in the centre of your chest.

Citrine brings sunshine into your soul, reminding us Laughter is the sunshine which dissolves the darkness. Allows the solar plexus to connect to Source. (Place just below the centre of your ribcage)

Shungite connects us deeply to the more nurturing energy of the earth, whilst protecting our bodies from EMF and other harmful energies. Helps us to cleanse and clear our Earth Star Chakra located just below our feet. Place this crystal there.

Regularly use your divine breathe on these crystals to cleanse them, place them in sea salt at least once a month. Charge them for 3 days during the full moon whenever you remember. Or simply place them in your garden over night.

I have made this blend an optional extra:

How to Apply I Choose to Heal - Roll onto pulse points on the wrists, back of the neck, and soles of the feet, am and pm. Breathe in the woody scent and allow this blend of Frankincense, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and eucalyptus to connect you deeply to the plant kingdom. Allow the deeply grounding scent to add a strong level of protection around your aura. This blend has been infused with Amethyst for extra magic. (Not suitable during pregnancy)

Comes with a postcard with all the above info to keep


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