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Lingam Crystal Acu-Wand

Lingam Crystal Acu-Wand

Also known as Shiva Lingam - a very unique & sacred wand to work with.

Represents endless power, connection to the Universal Flow of Energy (Qi) & creation.

This unique wand has the ability to cleanse your chakra system completely. Allowing new, fresh energy to flow freely within the energy meridians of the body.

Booster of vitality. This Acu-Wand is deeply connected to Lord Shiva (one of the Indian trinity of male Gods) Helping to destory fear, supports and guides us, allowing a strong connection to the cosmos above.

Lingam is an incredible balancer of Yin & Yang energy for both men and women, and has been used as a fertility stones for many years.


Size - 5 inches 

This Crystal Acu-Wand comes with its very own, hand-made velvet cotton Charging Pouch. This Pouch helps to keep the Wand safe when not in use, & has been energically programmed to re-charge the wand between uses. Optional Extra

  • Caring for your Acu-Wand

    This Crystal Acu-Wand is totally unique. The Wand can easily break if dropped from a height. Please keep the Acu-Wand safe in it's charging pouch between uses. 

    After each use simply wash with warm, soapy water. 

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