Opalite Acu-Wand emantes Joy & Positive energy. Gently calms the minds and aids meditation.

Gives a sense of Peace & Clarity.

Man-made & programmed to bring healing to the Heart Chakra, Pericardium & Kidney Meridians.

Gently eases mood swings, PMS and low moods.


This Crystal Acu-Wand comes with its very own, hand-made velvet cotton Charging Pouch. This Pouch helps to keep the Wand safe when not in use, & has been energically programmed to re-charge the wand between uses.

  • Caring for your Acu-Wand

    This Crystal Acu-Wand is totally unique. The Wand can easily break if dropped from a height. Please keep the Acu-Wand safe in it's charging pouch between uses. 

    After each use simply wash with warm, soapy water.