Que Sera Crystal Acu-Wand

Que Sera Crystal Acu-Wand

In the Great Harmoniser Collection, an all round healer and re-energizer.

Combines extremely high and yet deeply earthy vibrations.

Que Sera is a powerful carrier of Qi and works perfectly with acupressure and the meridians of the body.

It charges and balances the energy meridians and organs of the subtle and physical bodies.

This Acu-Wand helps you co-create your own future.

Optional Velvet Charging Pouch - Extra charges will apply

  • Caring for your Acu-Wand

    This Crystal Acu-Wand is totally unique. The Wand can easily break if dropped from a height. Please keep the Acu-Wand safe in it's charging pouch between uses. 

    After each use simply wash with warm, soapy water.