Children's Acu-Wand & Synergy Blend Package

Children's Acu-Wand & Synergy Blend Package

I love treating Children from new born babies all the way up to teenagers. Acupressure works so well and I have discovered that applying pressure to key points using the crystal Acu-Wand really does add to the healing benefits.

Children are so open to Aromatherapy, crystals and energy work. Their bodies tend to shift with much greater ease than adults.

I have created a package that is tailor made to each unique child and the experiences/challenges that they may be facing.

We begin with a One to One Zoom session. This 20 minute chat will allow me to get a better idea of which acupressure points etc will help. Once we have finished I simply send your childs very own Crystal Acu-Wand and Synergy Blend in the Post. Once you have received this we will organise our Zoom Acupressure Session 20-30 mins. Kids love these and find them fun and relaxing. I will guide you how to gently re-balance your childs energy. We will come up with a simle treatment plan.

After 7-10 days we have an email catch up to see how everything is going.

What is in The Rainbow Synergy Blend?

This Blend has been developed to help support the challenges children face Essential Oils choosen are calming, soothing, and help to create some inner peace, allowing the child to switch off from the crazy world outside.

Lavender Oil - can help the carcadian rhythm keep balanced, allowing a deeper sleep. Sleep is paramount to good health and vitality. It helps calm the mind.

Bergamot Oil - Uplifting for childrens mood, helps ease anxiety, muscular tension, and strain held in the body. 

Vetiver Oil - the Oil of Tranquility. This oil is very grounding, stablising and allows the mind to switch off from excessive intellectual activity. Also helps ease anxiety, feelings of insecurity and isolation.

Crystals used in this Blend - I have never met a child yet that doesn't connect positively to crystals! In fact I have witnessed huge improvement in behaviour when crystals have been added to their lives. 

Amethyst, Sodalite and Smokey Quartz together help increase the healing ability of the Essential Oils and energically can help bring peace, security and the ability to communicate to the outside world with ease. Smokey Quartz is a powerful anti-anxiety crystal for everyone!

Positive Daily Affirmation - I AM ONE OF A KIND

I have found this particular therapy to be super supportive to children with ASD, Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome whist running my Rainbow Clinic in Clonmel.

What is included in the Children's Rainbow Package?

  • Zoom One to One Consultation with Katie Murphy Lic Ac - 30 mins
  • Crystal Acu-Wand chosen specifically for your child
  • Rainbow Synergy Blend (see above) in a handy roll-on bottle
  • Zoom One to One Acupressure Session with Katie Murphy - 30 mins
  • Follow-up progress email
  • More Zoom Acupressure Sessions are available at additional cost
  • How to use this product

    Always patch test this product on the wrist before first full use. 

    Apply morning and evening to the Pulse Points found on both wrists. See Video for full demo.

  • Important Information!

    Once you have decided this is the perfect package for your child, pop it in the cart and pay. Next simply head over to the Booking Online section and chose a date and time for your One to One Zoom Consultation with Katie Murphy Lic Ac.



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