Rose Quartz Crystal Acu-Wand

Rose Quartz Crystal Acu-Wand

This Acu-Wand helps bring Unconditional Love & Peace into all your energy centres.

This wand is the most important crystal for healing the heart, heart chakra and heart and pericardium meridians.

Helps to restore trust and harmony. Rose Quartz acu-wands are incredible emotional healers, helping those recovering from trauma, grief and loss of all kinds.

These powerful heart healers contain the Ascension Ray of the Divine Feminine. When Acupressure points are tapped using these Rose Quartz acu-wands, deep heart awakening can occur. Helping the care taker of this wand give and receive divine love with themself and all those around them.


This Crystal Acu-Wand comes with its very own, hand-made velvet cotton Charging Pouch. This Pouch helps to keep the Wand safe when not in use, & has been energically programmed to re-charge the wand between uses.

  • Caring for your Acu-Wand

    This Crystal Acu-Wand is totally unique. The Wand can easily break if dropped from a height. Please keep the Acu-Wand safe in it's charging pouch between uses. 

    After each use simply wash with warm, soapy water.