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Testimonials: Testimonials

James McCarthy Cooney

My son James Mc Carthy Cooney has been attending Clonmel Acupuncture with the last 9 months. James sees Katie and attends for treatments every fortnight. James is 17years old and has severe cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound and needs round the clock care. Since James started coming to Clonmel Acupuncture he has made huge improvements. Katie helps with James’s sinus pressure and the relief he gets is immediate. James also suffers from tight muscles due to his Cerebral Palsy and he gets a lot pain through his neck in particular. Katie does a lot of work on this area and works on his face, neck and shoulders to relieve his discomfort. I can tell straight away by James the relief he gets. James goes into Katie before his treatment unable to move his neck from one position and by the time he leaves he can move his neck from side to side. Katie also does a lot of work on James’s Chest. Due to being in a wheelchair kids with cerebral palsy get a lot of mucus build up on the chest Acupuncture works really well in helping with that mucus production and getting things moving. She also applies oils to the skin to help open up all airways. Katie makes up her own remedies to suit the individual client which is a lovely touch to the treatment. Acupuncture also plays a key part in helping with James’s constipation. It isn’t just benefits of treatments from Acupuncture that’s great it’s the warmth and lovely welcome you get from the minute the door is opened for you at Clonmel Acupuncture and also Katie’s gentle way and how James feels so relaxed with her she seems to connect with him and he always has a smile for her. James is living proof that Acupuncture plays a crucial part in the helping kids with special needs and it’s brings a huge range of benefits to them. From a very grateful mum to Clonmel Acupuncture for seeing the Ability in special needs kids not the Disability.

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